Confide in Me: The Irresistible Kylie

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Confide in Me: The Irresistible Kylie
Samlealbum av Kylie Minogue
Utgjeve 16. juli 2007
Innspelt 1993–98
Sjanger Pop, dansepop
Selskap Music Club
Kylie Minogue-kronologi
Ultimate Kylie
Confide in Me: The Irresistible Kylie Kylie: The Albums 2000-2010

Confide in Me: The Irresistible Kylie er eit samlealbum av den australske songaren Kylie Minogue. Albumet vart utgjeve 16. juli 2007 i Storbritannia, og inneheld alle songane frå Kylie Minogue (1994) og Impossible Princess (1997) og dessutan sjeldne songar og B-sider.

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CD 1
1.«Confide in Me»Steve Anderson, Dave Seaman, Owain BartonBrothers in Rhythm5:51
2.«Put Yourself in My Place»Jimmy HarryHarry4:54
3.«Where Is the Feeling?» (BIR 7" Mix)Wilf Smarties, Jayn HannaBrothers in Rhythm4:11
4.«If I Was Your Lover»HarryHarry4:45
5.«Some Kind of Bliss»Minogue, James Dean Bradfield, Sean MooreDave Eringa, Bradfield4:12
6.«Did It Again»Minogue, Anderson, Seaman 4:22
7.«Breathe»Minogue, Dave Ball, Ingo VaukBall, Vauk4:37
8.«If You Don't Love Me»  2:12
9.«Tears»Minogue, Ball, VaukBall, Vauk4:29
10.«Gotta Move On»  3:35
11.«Difficult by Design»  3:43
12.«Stay This Way»  4:34
13.«This Girl»  3:08
14.«Automatic Love»Minogue, Inga Humpe, Charlie Mallozzi, Marco Sabiu 4:45
15.«Where Has the Love Gone?» (Roach Motel Mix)Alex Palmer, Julie Stapleton 9:25
16.«Surrender»Gerry DeVeaux, Charlie MoleDeVeaux, John Waddle, Tim Bran4:25
17.«Dangerous Game»Anderson, SeamanBrothers in Rhythm5:30
CD 2
1.«Time Will Pass You By»Dino Fekaris, Nick Zesses, John RhysM People5:26
2.«Falling»Neil Tennant, Chris LowePete Heller, Terry Farley6:43
3.«Nothing Can Stop Us»Mike Percy, Tim Lever, Tracy AckermanBrothers in Rhythm4:06
4.«Love is Waiting»Bob Stanley, Pete WiggsSaint Etienne4:48
5.«Cowboy Style»Minogue, Anderson, SeamanBrothers in Rhythm4:44
6.«Say Hey»MinogueBrothers in Rhythm3:37
7.«Drunk»Minogue, Anderson, SeamanBrothers in Rhythm3:59
8.«I Don't Need Anyone»Minogue, Bradfield, Nick JonesEringa, Bradfield3:14
9.«Jump»Minogue, Rob DouganDougan4:04
10.«Limbo»Minogue, Ball, VaukBall, Vauk4:05
11.«Through the Years»Minogue, Ball, VaukBall, Vauk4:20
12.«Dreams»Minogue, Anderson, SeamanBrothers in Rhythm3:44
13.«Too Far»MinogueBrothers in Rhythm4:43
14.«Confide in Me» (Big Brothers mix)Anderson, Seaman, Barton 10:28
15.«If You Don't Love Me» (Acoustic version)  2:10
16.«Falling» (Alternative Mix)Tennant, Lowe 8:40

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