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Dødsfall i Bando-hotellet i 1950

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Dødsfall i Bando-hotellet i 1950 refererer til ei hending i samband med Koreakrigen, der krigsfangar (soldatar tilhøyrande Nord-Korea) blei drepne i kjellaren på Bando-hotellet i Seoul, mens dei var fullstendig avkledd og uvæpna, den 26.september 1950.[1] Om dette var eit krigsbrotsverk, er usikkert.

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  1. U.S.News&World Report, 3.November 2003, s.33(engelsk tekst): «Garabedian describes a hellish, dangerous moment. Marines rushed through the building, going from room to room, bursting in on the North Korean forces shooting from the windows. Several marines were wounded, he says, as the squads ran through the hallways, killing some of the North Koreans. Garabedian recalls being on the second floor of the building. He set up by a window and had a view up and down the building's staircase. As some marines continued to clear out the building, others took prisoners down the stairwell to another marine in a bath area. There were about 12 prisoners. The marine in charge was guarding them with his Browning automatic rifle. All were forced to strip to make sure none still had weapons.» Kopi: http://www.usnews.com/usnews/news/articles/031103/3korea_5.htm

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