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multiscript collaboration[endre wikiteksten]

Magic square at the Parshvanatha temple, Khajuraho.png
१२ १४
१३ ११
१६ १०
7 12 1 14
2 13 8 11
16 3 10 5
9 6 15 4
transcription of
the indian numerals
most-perfect magic square from
the Parshvanath Jain temple in Khajuraho

Hi! Some years ago (in 2008) I received a picture about a most-perfect magic square from the Parshvanath Jain temple in Khajuraho named Chautisa Yantra. According to magic square#India Magic Squares and Cubes By William Symes Andrews, 1908, Open court publish company the square is more then thousand years old / from the 10th-century. There is an additional text above the square. I hope to receive a translation and/or additional details about this text from contributors on languages from India.
BTW: Sriramachakra (found today) is another of the 384 mutually indistinguishable most-perfect magic squares.
https://test.wikipedia.org/wiki/Most-perfect_magic_square provides transliterations for a dozen of ISO 15924 scripts as Latn including Roman numerals and binary, Deva, Arab, Armn, Beng, Grek, Gujr, Hans · Hant · Jpan, Hebr, Knda, Kore, Mlym, Taml, Telu, Tibt and maybe some more. The wiki source code can be used for articles / stubs in languages using these scripts. Fonts are not optimized and all comments are welcome at the test subdomain page [1]. Thanks for all your efforts in advance! lɛʁi ʁɑjnhɑʁt (Leri Reinhart)
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