Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

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«Jolly Old Saint Nicholas» er ein julesong skriven av Benjamin Hanby, som skreiv «Up on the House Top».

Songen vert tradisjonelt framført med ein melodi skriven av James Lord Pierpont (som han nytta til originalversjonen av «Jingle Bells»).

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Den tradisjonelle teksten vart publisert i 1881 og er:

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas,
Lean your ear this way;
Don't you tell a single soul
What I'm going to say,
Christmas Eve is coming soon;
Now my dear old man,
Whisper what you'll bring to me;
Tell me if you can.
When the clock is striking twelve,
When I'm fast asleep,
Down the chimney broad and black
With your pack you'll creep;
All the stockings you will find
Hanging in a row;
Mine will be the shortest one;
You'll be sure to know.
Johnny wants a pair of skates;
Susy wants a dolly
Nellie wants a story book,
She thinks dolls are folly
As for me, my little brain
Isn't very bright;
Choose for me, dear Santa Claus,
What you think is right.

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