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A template for citing the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Usage[endre wikiteksten]

This template uses {{cite journal}} to render IUCN Red List citations. It will accept all parameters that are available to Mal:Tld though only a few are needed because this template will automatically provide a standardized set of parameters. Data for the parameters that editors need to provide can be found on the appropriate Red List page. The parameters that editors need to provide are:

  • title: usually the species name; italics for proper formatting are not provided
  • page: the electronic page number; the template will use this value to create a correct url to link the value in |title=; in the form e.T<digits>A<digits> where <digits> is one or more of the 0–9 digits
  • lastn / firstn or any of the author name parameters available to Mal:Tld see Mal:Slink
  • year: the year of publication; alias: date
  • volume: usually same as year; may be omitted if year set

A handy tool for creating these templates is {{make cite iucn}}.

Examples[endre wikiteksten]

Error and maintenance messaging[endre wikiteksten]

This template emits a variety of error and maintenance messages.

Error messages[endre wikiteksten]

  • malformed |doi= identifier
  • malformed |id= identifier
  • malformed |page= identifier
    IUCN uses an identifier to point to a particular page in their database. For |page= and |doi= the identifier portion of these parameter values has the form: T<digits>A<digits> where <digits> is one or more of the 0–9 digits; for |id= the form is <digits>/<digits>. The template emits these error messages when the identifier portions of the parameter values do not match the expected form.
  • |doi= / |page= mismatch
  • |doi= / |id= mismatch
  • |doi= / |url= mismatch
  • |page= / |id= mismatch
  • |page= / |url= mismatch
  • |id= / |url= mismatch
    This template uses {{cite journal}} for rendering. cs1|2 templates are designed to cite single sources. Because IUCN identifiers in |doi=, |id= and |page= point to individual pages in the IUCN database, all of the identifiers should match. The template emits these errors when the identifiers in a Mal:Tld template do not match. Caveat lector: regardless of the value assigned to |doi= (or urls that link to IUCN through the resolver), doi links are redirected to the most recent assessment, not to the assessment specified in the |doi= parameter's value. For example, this template taken from Springbok at the time of this writing:
    {{cite iucn |publisher=[[IUCN]] |title=''Antidorcas marsupialis'' |author=IUCN SSC Antelope Specialist Group |year=2016 |volume=2016 |page=e.T1676A115056763 |doi=10.2305/IUCN.UK.2016-3.RLTS.T1676A50181753.en |url=}}
    IUCN SSC Antelope Specialist Group (2016). «Antidorcas marsupialis». IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN) 2016: e.T1676A115056763. doi:10.2305/IUCN.UK.2016-3.RLTS.T1676A50181753.en. {{cite iucn}}: error: |doi= / |url= mismatch (help)
    |page= and |url= have the same identifiers (to the current version of the assessment) but |doi= has a different (older identifier) yet clicking the doi-link takes the reader to the current assessment. Rewriting the url value to use the identifier from |doi= gives working link to the older assessment:

Maintenance messages[endre wikiteksten]

Maintenance messages emitted by this template are normally hidden. To make these maintenance messages visible, include the following text in your common CSS page (common.css) or your specific skin's CSS page (skin.css):

.citation-comment {display: inline !important;}  /* display cite iucn maintenance messages (also shows cs1|2 maint messages) */
  • |volume= / |date= mismatch
  • |volume= / |doi= mismatch
  • |date= / |doi= mismatch
    {{cite iucn}} validates the volume information in |volume= against the volume information in |doi= and compares these values with the content of |date= or |year=. These values should all be the same.
  • old-form url
    There are two old-form urls for the IUCN Red List. Mal:Tld modifies these old-form urls into a new-form url using identifier data from |page=, |id=, or |doi=, in that order if available. If an identifier is not available, the template will switch from the http scheme to the https scheme which will sometimes make a 'dead' old-form url work. When either of these changes is made, the template emits this message. Templates cannot save changes like this to the wiki-text so editors should evaluate the results of these url changes and modify the template's wiki text to remove the url and add |page= (preferred), |id=, or |doi=.
  • new-form url
    Mal:Tld emits this message when |url= holds a new-form url. This form of url is acceptable but, for consistency, should be removed so that the template may create the url from |page= (preferred), |id=, or |doi=.
  • unknown url
    When the content of |url= is not recognized as old-, original-, or new-form, the template emits this message. Commonly, such urls are doi links ( or When |url= holds a doi link, the parameter should be changed to |doi=10.2305/IUCN...
  • no identifier
    When |url=, |page=, |id=, and |doi= are all empty or omitted, Mal:Tld cannot construct a url. To resolve this issue add |page= (preferred), |id=, or |doi=.

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