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NOTE: This and other ID-based IUCN templates are now obsolete, at least in so far as they require the now discontinued IUCN Red List version number. The IUCN now recommends citing assessments as electronic journal articles using the new DOIs, and the cite journal template can handle all the information provided for a citation. Unfortunately, both the new DOI-based URLs and the old ID-based URLs are problematic. A DOI links to a permanent web page with a specific year's assessment that will never be updated, so when a new assessment is issued, a new DOI will be created and the old one will then point to the previous assessment. An ID-based URL should always link to the current assessment, but that URL is not guaranteed to work indefinitely. Thus, it is probably best to use both, and to use the ID-based URL if only one URL will be used. An example using both follows for Myotis ater:

 | status_ref = <ref name=iucn>{{Cite journal | author = Wiles, G. | title = ''Myotis ater'' | journal = [[The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species]] | volume= 2008 | page = e.T14144A4408913 | publisher = [[IUCN]] | date = 2008 | url = | doi = 10.2305/IUCN.UK.2008.RLTS.T14144A4408913.en | access-date = 11 August 2016}}</ref>

This will be displayed as:
1. Wiles, G. (2008). «Myotis ater». The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN) 2008: e.T14144A4408913. doi:10.2305/IUCN.UK.2008.RLTS.T14144A4408913.en. Henta 11 August 2016. 

Below is a copy of this format with non-constant parameter values left blank:

 | status_ref = <ref name=iucn>{{Cite journal | author =  |title =  | journal = [[The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species]] | volume= | page = | publisher = [[IUCN]] | date = | url = | doi = | access-date = }}</ref>

The year does appear twice, as both a date and volume number, as recommended by the IUCN.

Assessment citations using ID-based IUCN templates may eventually need their ID updated. A change to a large number of IDs has only occurred once, and the IUCN has stated they will attempt to avoid this in the future, but there is no assurance any individual ID will be permanent.

As the DOI Wikipedia reference generator, Citation bot and reFill don't work in creating IUCN references of the new style, a new tool to facilitate this process would be useful, and a request for one has been posted here.


This template can be used to cite all versions of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. A user's guide and video are available.

The search engine is here.



Parameter Aliases Status Description Example
 id Required The internal redlist id number. In, the id is 22718174, as in the above url.
 taxon title Required The scientific name Passer domesticus
 assessment_year  year Required The year the assessor evaluated the species. 2012
 version Required The version of the list 2012.2
 assessor, assessor2, .... assessor1, author, author1, author2, ... Optional The person or group who assessed the status of the species, if specified BirdLife International
 access-date accessdate Optional The date you downloaded the data 18 October 2012
 criteria-version Optional All new assessments from January 2001 should use the latest adopted version and cite the year of publication and version number, per [1]. 3.1

Optional author/assessor display parameters: |display-authors=etal, |display-assessors=etal, |last-author-amp=yes, |last-assessor-amp=yes, |author1-link=, |author-link1=, |assessor1-link=, |assessor-link1=. Unhyphenated versions of these parameters are also accepted.

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| id = 
| taxon = 
| assessor = 
| assessment_year = 
| version = 
| access-date = 


{{IUCN | id = | taxon = | assessor = | assessment_year = | version = | access-date = }}


The suggested citation at the bottom of an IUCN details page contains all the data needed by this template except for the id, which is obtained from the page url. The output of this template is patterned after the IUCN suggested citation format and the template {{cite web}}.

The IUCN version is not to be confused with the criteria version (e.g. 3.1). For that, use |criteria-version=3.1.

The {{{ref}}} parameter is supported to optionally allow ref names to be specified in Harvard references, for use in the {{citation}} template family (not to be confused with the {{cite}} template family). For example, use of |ref={{harvid}} or |ref={{SfnRef}} templates enables subsequent use of short-format templates like {{sfn}} (see Aardvark and Marsh shrew for examples of usage).


| id = 103818789
| taxon = ''Passer domesticus''
| assessor = BirdLife International
| assessor-link = BirdLife International
| assessment_year = 2017
| version = 2018.1
| access-date = 26 October 2018


BirdLife International (2017). «Passer domesticus». IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2018.1. International Union for Conservation of Nature. Henta 26 October 2018.