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Det fylgjande er eit sitat frå ein IRC-samtale på #wikimedia-tech, berre deler som omhandla nye namnerom har blitt tekne med:

(21:52:26) dittaeva: someone has the time, access and "desire" to set up two new namespaces on nn.wikipedia?
(21:53:04) dungodung: dittaeva: I have time and desire
(21:53:10) dungodung: but access I'm lacking
(21:53:48) dittaeva: dungodung: those two I have myself too :-)
(21:53:57) dungodung: :D
(21:53:57) avar: not a stupid portal namespace?
(21:54:06) dittaeva: no, no stupid portal
(21:54:21) dungodung: dittaeva: which ones then?
(21:54:25) avar: dittaeva: what then?
(21:54:31) dungodung: smart portal?
(21:54:35) dittaeva: "galleri" and "sitat"
(21:54:45) dittaeva: gallery and quote
(21:54:52) avar: dittaeva: use wikiquote and commons?
(21:55:11) dittaeva: they're not on nn.wikipedia
(21:55:37) dittaeva: and commons is a mess when it comes to multilinguism
(21:56:22) avar: I think that would be against the common project goal or something
(21:56:34) avar: Wikipedia is not supposed to be a quote collection
(21:57:35) elian: dittaeva: the mess will not get better when people refuse to participate
(21:59:13) dittaeva: We have considered that, that's why we're asking for a seperate namespace, w'ed also give the namespace it's own policies and logo, it's sort of an experiment to tackle the poor multilingual/multiproject support in MediaWiki
(21:59:59) dittaeva: elian: Should we try to make norwegian (nynorsk) galleries on commons?
(22:00:48) dungodung: dittaeva: don't see why not
(22:00:52) dittaeva: this way we can work on quotes and galleries together with the same recent changes page, same watchlist, and so on
(22:01:26) dittaeva: well then we might as well have them in the main namespace on nn.wikipedia as it is now
(22:01:41) avar: dittaeva: this is really something you should discuss project-wide before you take it up here
(22:01:58) avar: this would mean that nn.wikipedia would make nn.wikiquote obsolete
(22:02:12) dittaeva: only if it works
(22:03:14) dittaeva: that is, only if people choose to use nn.wikipedia instead of nn.wikiqoute
(22:04:40) dittaeva: so, no one are willing to let us give it a try?
(22:05:12) dittaeva: unless I get an "official stamp"?
(22:05:19) dittaeva: *we
(22:05:52) avar: dittaeva: take it up on wikipedia-l and mention that you intend to replace wikiquote and the commons
(22:07:21) dittaeva: don't think I have time and desire for that now, but we'll see
(22:07:42) dittaeva:  anyone oppose me copying the thread to nn.wikipedia?
(22:09:27) dungodung: nope
(22:09:35) dungodung: and this is hardly a thread
(22:09:43) dungodung: ;)
(22:11:34) dittaeva: but a stupid protal namespace is unproblematic, right, (there are those who want that too)?
(22:11:42) dittaeva: *portal
(22:12:04) zwitter: ditt: you want to replace
(22:12:50) dittaeva: exactly ;-)

Kl. 2230 var det ingen som hadde uttalt seg mot sitering av tråden eller hadde svart på spørsmålet om portal.