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Har denne artikkelen tatt steget frå leksikonartikkel til reklameside? Eller er eg ein surmaga gubbe? (Hm, ja på A utelukker ikkje ja på B...) --Ekko 20:51, 6 august 2006 (UTC)

Tja, eg spiremerkjer den. Til å ha så mange historiske minnesmerker står der veldig lite i artikkelen. Og den ville ha vore mykje betre om bileta vart brukt i ymse kontekstar i artikkelen, til dømes den katolske kyrkja i eit avsnitt om religionslivet i Mošovce. Tykkjer løysinga med galleri vert veldig lettvint. -- Larsivi 10:25, 8 august 2006 (UTC)
Hey. I'm sorry, I don't really speak Norwegian, I just understand a little, so this will be in English. Maybe I need to explain. I know that the village seems insignificant, which might essencially be true, but in the last (in mean the 19th :-)) century it really was the center of the entire region -- therefore I think it might be worth mentioning. As for the monuments mentioned in the article, the town was a seat of noblemen and so has approx. 5 buildings from the 18th century, which for a town of 1300 isn't that bad. That's why I wrote about 'many monuments' (maybe I could have used a different word, e.g. 'quite many' or 'several' ?). There were also 5 quite important personalities born here (kids at high schools learn about 3 or 4 of them). You can see the full version of the article on the english Wikipedia. I didn't quite get the part about religion, but the truth is that there are two churches, one catholic and one protestant. The chapel is just a museum and is actually a tomb, so no church there :-). The article surely isn't meant as an advertisement. Honestly, I cannot see anyone from Norway driving down to have a look at a couple of 18th century buildings, when you have a lot of even much older architecture in Norway :-). The thing is that I live in the town, and since I speak a souple of languages, and know people, who speak more, these articles are just my way of contributing to the community (call it localpatriotism or the sense of self-realisation if you will :-)). In my free time I also wrote the brochure, which was linked to this page. Could we maybe put the brochure-link back, but instead of the word document, change the address to http://www.mosovce.sk/spr.htm (from there you can download the brochure in english, which contains more info about the town - although the brochure, I admit, is drafted as a tourist guide)? They even allowed it on German Wikipedia (and those guys are pretty strict :-)... About the pictures, is it OK to put them back or is it better to keep the link to the commons? Sorry for this being so long, but I tend to write a lot ;-) Could you pls. reply here, because I log in from different OP addresses :-( ? Thanks and take care, Peter (SKia) 15:53, 8 august 2006 (UTC)
No need to be sorry :) I did understand from the few lines already there, that the village is far from insignificant, which is why I think more should be written in the article. If you can't do it due to language difficulties, no problem, someone else might do it later, which is why I marked it as a stub (spire). As for the images, I just think having the images illustrate the text gives a higher quality, as opposed to just having a gallery of images. What I meant with religion, was that if the town is mainly catholic, this could be mentioned together with some words of the church and illustrated with the image of the church. Similarly, the flag (it's origin and meaning) and other historical marks could be mentioned in the text, and further illustrated by the images. No rush for anything, though :) To sum up, I'm generally a fan of getting in as many relevant facts as possible and present them as pretty as possible (within the confines of mediawiki). I'm mostly writing about local stuff myself, btw ;) -- Larsivi 16:25, 8 august 2006 (UTC)
Links to a) a web page in a language most norwegians don't understand, b) a word document, is hardly apropriate. You have to put the information in the article. But as Larsivi said, you might find someone around here who is willing to do just that! --Ekko 16:32, 8 august 2006 (UTC)
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Hi Ekko, thanks for the quick reply and the feedback. OK, I agree about the links. As I wrote before, my Norwegian is really only on the level of understanding the things that it has in common with other indoeuropean languages and guessing the rest :-)), which is the reason why I'm really not able to write more than this one sentence (but as you said, someone might just expand the article according to the english wiki). I was just wondering if you'd mind me putting back the segment, which you removed Han har mange historiske minnesmerke or maybe changing it somehow (exch. mange for atskillige)? It seems to me there is already very little information in the article, so I'd like to keep that bit. Thanks and take care, Peter.

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I removed the sentence since it conveyed no real information, it posed more questions than it answered. (mange historiske minnesmerke? What kind? Telling what? From when? Why are they important?) I suggest writing a text that answers some of these questions. --Ekko 09:27, 9 august 2006 (UTC)