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Usage[endre wikiteksten]

Simply uses CSS to force a serif font on the surrounded content:




This is useful when certain letters are always given in a serif font when used as a symbol for something, to distinguish better between lower-case l and Roman numeral I, etc.

Optional parameters[endre wikiteksten]

Advanced HTML values can be passed through the template to the HTML code:

  • |class= takes a class name (or multiple class names, separated by spaces); adds class="classname[s]" to the HTML code
  • |style= takes inline CSS input; addes style="CSS directive[s]" to the HTML code
  • |id= takes a valid, unique HTML id (must begin with an alphabetic letter); adds id="name" to the HTML code
  • |title= takes text, which cannot be marked up in any way, and displays it as a pop-up "tooltip" when the cursor hovers over the Mal:Tnull span

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