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Styles and materials[endre wikiteksten]

The Bokmål article calls Bergen domkyrkje Romanesque. The first building was Romanesque, of course. But has the church any Romanesque element, today, after so many destructions and reconstructions?

You call this church a brick building. Is there any visible brick. Some parts of Bergen domkyrkje may be built of hidden brick. Is it known, Which parts are of ashlar and which parts are of brick?

Best regards, --Ulamm (diskusjon) 25. juni 2023 kl. 23:48 (CEST)Svar[svar]

Hi, it seems the technique and materials were mixed up in the infobox. The material is stone. The technique is masonry. There are apparently some portions of the original building that remain, on the northern wall. Ranveig (diskusjon) 26. juni 2023 kl. 07:47 (CEST)Svar[svar]