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Spørsmål flytta frå Wikipedia:Samfunnshuset av --Gunnernett 23. mai 2006 kl. 18:22 (UTC):

Help with old norse[endre wikiteksten]

Hello people. I'm a wikipedian from the Hebrew wiki and need some help with old norse. I'm writing an article about Thor and want to include original texts from the poetic edda alongside a translation to Hebrew. The problem is - I'm not sure the lines match in the original and the translation . The original is (poetic edda, Hymiskviða, 23 24):

Dró djarfliga dáðrakkr Þórr

orm eitrfáan upp at borði

hamri kníði háfjall skarar

ofljótt ofan ulfs hnitbróður

Hraungalkn hlumðu en hölkn þutu

fór in forna fold öll saman

sökkðisk síðan sá fiskr í mar

And the translation I used is:

The venomous serpent | swiftly up

To the boat did Thor, | the bold one, pull;

With his hammer the loathly | hill of the hair

Of the brother of Fenrir | he smote from above.

The monsters roared, | and the rocks resounded,

And all the earth | so old was shaken;

I noticed Thor's name in the first line and it doesn't match so I didn't risk it and ask your kind help...


If he doesn't see your question and answer, you should probably go directly to Olve and ask him --Ekko 17. mai 2006 kl. 19:13 (UTC)
You are correct, the two first lines in the English version are swapped. The last line in Oldnorse is not translated. The translation to English is not word by word, but a poetic translation, that is probably why the lines are swapped. --KRISTAGAα-ω 17. mai 2006 kl. 21:17 (UTC)
Thanks mates.