Chris Rea: The Ultimate Collection 1978–2000

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Chris Rea - The Ultimate Collection 1978-2000
Samlealbum av Chris Rea
Utgjeve 2007
Sjanger Albumorientert rock
Selskap Demon Music Group
Chris Rea-kronologi 
Chris Rea - The Ultimate Collection 1978-2000 The Return of the Fabulous Hofner Bluenotes

Chris Rea - The Ultimate Collection (1978-2000) er ei samleplate på tre CD-plater med av Chris Rea frå 2007.

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Plate 1

2.«Fool (If You Think It's Over)» 
3.«Let's Dance» 
5.«The Blue Cafe» 
7.«Ace of Hearts» 
8.«Winter Song» 
9.«Bless Them All» 
11.«Lucky Day» 
12.«The Mention of Your Name» 
13.«Love's Strange Ways» 
14.«Loving You» 
15.«Nothing's Happening By The Sea» 
17.«Every Beat of My Heart» 
18.«I Can't Dance To That» 

Plate 2

1.«The Road To Hell (Part II)» 
2.«Gone Fishing» 
3.«On The Beach» 
4.«Black Dog» 
5.«You Must Be Evil» 
6.«New Times Square» 
7.«One Gullen Rule» 
8.«Dov'e Il Signore? (Part II)» 
9.«I Ain't The Fool» 
11.«Working On It» 
12.«Two Roads» 
13.«Keep On Dancing» 
14.«I Don't Care Anymore» 
15.«Windy Town» 
17.«God Gave Me An Angel» 
18.«Sweet Kiss» 

Plate 3

1.«Stainsby Girls» 
2.«New Way» 
3.«The Memory Of A Good Friend» 
4.«Love Turns To Lies» 
5.«Square Peg, Round Hole» 
6.«I Can Hear Your Hearbeat» 
7.«No Qualifications» 
8.«Since I Found You» 
10.«Chisel Hill» 
11.«Soft Top, Hard Shoulder» 
12.«The Things Lovers Should Do» 
13.«I Just Wanna Be With You» 
14.«Touche D'Amour» 
15.«I Don't Know What It Is But I Love It» 
16.«That's What They Always Say» 
17.«Little Blond Plaits» 
18.«Driving Home for Christmas» 

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