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Continental models[endre wikiteksten]

Continental models-nn-olympic.gif

I've posted in the article the continental models table and GIF animation that are pretty much standard in other wikis. As the edit got simply deleted (https://nn.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Kontinent&diff=2740420&oldid=2739926), I will post them here so if someone sees some use, feel free to do it.

AmerikaEuropaAsiaOseaniaOseaniaAfrikaAntarktikaContinents vide couleurs.png
4 kontinenter[1][2]
    Oseania     Antarktika
5 kontinenter
    Afrika     Oseania     Antarktika
5 kontinenter[3][4]
    Asia     Europa     Afrika     Oseania
6 kontinenter[1][2]
    Asia     Europa     Afrika     Oseania     Antarktika
7 kontinenter     Nord-Amerika     Sør-Amerika     Asia     Europa     Afrika     Oseania     Antarktika
       Den nye verda
          Den gamle verda

If there is some translation problem in the animation, please let me know (here or preferably in WP Commons). AzunuakTarur (diskusjon) 29. august 2015 kl. 19:49 (CEST)

Don't worry, the table has been put to good use in verdsdel, where it's more relevant. --Ranveig (diskusjon) 30. august 2015 kl. 19:56 (CEST)
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