Live at Montreux av Alice Cooper

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Live at Montreux 2005
Konsertalbum av Alice Cooper
Utgjeve Mai 2006
Innspelt Montreux i Sveits i 2005
Sjanger Rock, hardrock, heavy metal
Lengd 93:00(DVD) / 66:03(CD)
Selskap Eagle Vision
Alice Cooper-kronologi
Dirty Diamonds
Live at Montreux 2005 Along Came a Spider

Alice Cooper: Live at Montreux 2005 er eit konsertalbum og ein konsert-DVD av Alice Cooper. Han vart gjeven ut i mai 2007 som ein samla DVD og CD.

Konserten vart filma og innspelt i 2005 under Montreux Jazz Festival, i Montreux i Sveits.

Innhald[endre | endre wikiteksten]

DVD/BLURAY[endre | endre wikiteksten]

  1. "Department of Youth"
  2. "No More Mr. Nice Guy"
  3. "Dirty Diamonds"
  4. "Billion Dollar Babies"
  5. "Be My Lover"
  6. "Lost in America"
  7. "I Never Cry"
  8. "Woman of Messe Distraction"
  9. "I'm Eighteen"
  10. "Between High School and The Old School"
  11. "What Do You Want From Me?"
  12. "Is it My Body?"
  13. "Go to Hell"
  14. "The Black Widow(instrumental)
  15. "Drum Solo"
  16. "Gimme"
  17. "Feed My Frankenstein"
  18. "Welcome To My Nightmare"
  19. "The Awakening"
  20. "Steven"
  21. "Only Women Bleed"
  22. "Ballad of Dwight Fry"
  23. "Killer"
  24. "I Love the Dead"
  25. "School's Out"
  26. "Poison"
  27. "Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills"
  28. "Under My Wheels"

CD[endre | endre wikiteksten]

1.«Department of Youth»2:40
2.«No More Mr. Nice Guy»3:04
3.«Dirty Diamonds»3:43
4.«Billion Dollar Babies»3:25
5.«Be My Lover»3:17
6.«Lost in America»4:21
7.«I Never Cry»2:45
8.«Woman of Mass Distraction»3:46
9.«I'm Eighteen»4:11
10.«Between High School and Old School»2:53
11.«What Do You Want From Me?»3:16
12.«Is it My Body?»2:51
14.«Feed My Frankenstein»3:38
15.«Welcome to My Nightmare»2:35
16.«School's Out»4:36
18.«Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills»3:11
19.«Under My Wheels»4:12

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