The Best of Jethro Tull – The Anniversary Collection

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The Best Of Jethro Tull -
The Anniversary Collection

Samleplate av Jethro Tull
Utgjeve 24. mai 1993 (UK)
Innspelt 1968 - 1991
Sjanger Progressiv rock, hardrock
Lengd 154:28
Selskap Chrysalis
Produsent Ian Anderson (spor 1.4-1.6, 1.8, 1.11-1.19, 2.1-2.9, 2.12-2.17)

Jethro Tull (spor: 1.1-1.3, 1.7, 1.9, 1.10)
Paul Samwell-Smith (spor: 2.10, 2.11)
Robin Black (spor: 2.7, 2.8)
Terry Ellis (spor: 1.1-1.7, 1.9-1.14)

Jethro Tull-kronologi
25th Anniversary Box Set
The Best Of Jethro Tull -
The Anniversary Collection

The Best Of Jethro Tull - The Anniversary Collection var ein samleplate av Jethro Tull frå 1993.[2] Han inneheld nokre av dei mest kjende songane til bandet frå 1968 til 1991.

Innhald[endre | endre wikiteksten]

Disk 1[endre | endre wikiteksten]

1.«A Song For Jeffrey»3:19
2.«Beggar's Farm»4:19
3.«A Christmas Song»3:07
4.«A New Day Yesterday»4:09
6.«Nothing Is Easy»4:23
7.«Living In The Past»3:21
8.«To Cry You A Song»6:15
10.«Sweet Dream»4:02
11.«Cross-Eyed Mary»4:09
12.«Mother Goose»3:53
14.«Locomotive Breath»4:25
15.«Life Is A Long Song»3:19
16.«Thick as a Brick (extract)»3:02
17.«A Passion Play (extract)»3:47
18.«Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day»3:52
19.«Bungle In The Jungle»3:39

Disk 2[endre | endre wikiteksten]

1.«Minstrel In The Gallery»6:10
2.«Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young To Die»5:40
3.«Songs From The Wood»4:54
5.«The Whistler»3:32
6.«Heavy Horses»8:57
7.«Dun Ringill»2:41
8.«Fylingdale Flyer»4:32
10.«Pussy Willow»3:53
12.«Under Wraps II»2:14
13.«Steel Monkey»3:34
14.«Farm On The Freeway»6:28
15.«Jump Start»4:53
16.«Kissing Willie»3:31
17.«This Is Not Love»3:54

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Disk 1[endre | endre wikiteksten]

Disc 2[endre | endre wikiteksten]

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