Carnegie Hall av Frank Zappa

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Carnegie Hall
Konsertalbum av Frank Zappa
Utgjeve 31. oktober 2011
Innspelt 11. oktober 1971
Selskap Vaulternative Records
Catalog Number: VR 2011-1[1]
Frank Zappa-kronologi 
Feeding the Monkies at Ma Maison
Carnegie Hall Understanding America

Carnegie Hall er eit firedobbelt konsertalbum av Frank Zappa, gjeve ut 31. oktober 2011 av Zappa Family Trust på Vaulternative Records. Dette var den 91. offisielle plata til Zappa.

Dette er den offisielle utgjevinga av konsertopptaket til den første (av to) konsertar av Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention ved Carnegie Hall i New York City den 11. oktober 1971.

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Alle songar er skrivne av Frank Zappa utanom der andre er nemnde.

The Persuasions (support act) Show 1
1.«I Just Can't Work No Longer»Curtis Mayfield, Jerry Butler2:32
2.«Working All the Live Long Day/Chain Gang»Trad./Sam Cooke2:20
3.«Medley #1»(*)7:28
4.«Pieces of a Man»Jerry Galen Foster, Wilburn Rice2:53
5.«Buffalo Soldier»David Barnes, Margaret Ann Lewis, Mira Ann Smith4:33
6.«Medley #2»(*)2:36
7.«Medley #3»(*)3:14
FZ Show 1
8.«Hello (To FOH)/Ready?! (To the Band)» 1:03
9.«Call Any Vegetable» 10:36
10.«Anyway the Wind Blows» 4:00
11.«Magdalena»Frank Zappa/Howard Kaylan6:08
12.«Dog Breath» 5:41
Total lengd:53:13

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FZ Show 1 (continued)
1.«Peaches En Reagalia»4:24
2.«Tears Began to Fall»2:32
3.«She Painted Up Her Face/Half A Dozen Provocative Squats/Shove It Right In»6:32
4.«King Kong»30:25
5.«200 Motels Finale»3:41
6.«Who Are the Brain Police?»7:08
Total lengd:54:41

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FZ Show 2
1.«Auspicious Occasion» 2:45
2.«Divan: Once Upon a Time» 5:40
3.«Divan: Sofa #1» 3:11
4.«Divan: Magic Pig» 1:43
5.«Divan: Stick It Out» 4:54
6.«Divan: Divan Ends Here» 4:17
7.«Pound for a Brown» 6:03
8.«Sleeping in a Jar» 2:46
9.«Wonderful Wino»Frank Zappa/Jeff Simmons5:46
10.«Sharleena» 4:52
11.«Cruising for Burgers» 3:17
Total lengd:45:13

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FZ Show 2 (continued)
1.«Billy the Mountain - Part 1»28:33
2.«Billy the Mountain - The Carnegie Solos»13:31
3.«Billy the Mountain - Part 2»5:37
4.«The $600 Mud Shark Prelude»1:27
5.«The Mud Shark»13:35
Total lengd:62:42

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  • Medley #1: Sunday Kind of Love (Barbara Belle, Anita Nye, Louis Prima, Stanley Rhodes) / Sincerely (Harvey Fuqua, Alan Freed) / A Thousand Miles Away (William Henry Miller, James Sheppard) / The Vow (Zeke Carey, George Motola, Horace Webb) / Why Don't You Write Me? (Laura Grace Hollins) / Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight (Calvin Carter, James Hudson) / Woo Woo Train (Richard Barrett) / I Only Have Eyes for You (Al Dubin, Harry Warren) / Creation of Love (Richard Barrett, Stuart Wiener) / Tears on My Pillow (Al Lewis, Sylvester Bradford) / The Great Pretender (Buck Ram)
  • Medley #2: Don't Look Back (William Robinson, Ronald A. White) / Runaway Child, Running Wild (Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield) / Cloud Nine (Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield)
  • Medley #3: He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (Sidney Keith Russell, Robert William Scott) / You've Got a Friend (Carole King) / Reach Out and Touch Somebody's Hand (Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson)

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